Messy Class Play

Messy play allows a space of unlimited curiosity and exploration. It allows children to familiarize themselves with new sensations, textures and new ways to play.

Getting messy also helps parents in their own exploration towards joyful and exciting learning opportunities.

Gift your child with creative freedom in the Get Messy Toddler Class ongoing every Thursday

Day: Thursdays
Time: 10am
Venue: Clermont Garden Club, 849 West Avenue, Clermont, Florida.
Cost: $10 per session

The Theory Behind the Mess
The Theory Behind the Mess

Giving your child the free space to play will spark their curiosity and exploration. Messy play allows kids to experience unrestricted creativity and learning opportunities. It gives your kids the ability to experiment with engaging their senses with new sensations, textures, and unique ways to play.

This class helps children develop:
- Gross and Fine Motor skills
- Sensory skills
- Creativity
- Language Development and Literacy

The Let’s Get Messy class from Toucan Talk features two fundamental programs for messy play: Mark Making and Sensory Play.

The Theory Behind the Mess
The Theory Behind the Mess
The Theory Behind the Mess
Mark Making

Mark making is when your child starts to make scribbles, patterns and shapes. Many different tools (including their own hands, fingers, feet and toes!) are used to make the process a more fun and direct experience.

Mark Making helps with:
-recognizing and practicing key motor movements for writing
-providing the first steps towards creative initiative and expression
-preparing your child for formal writing education

Our mark making program also introduces four fun characters that helps your child learn the main marks that are essential to developing the motor skills for writing. Here’s Betty the Bee demonstrating her buzzing swirls, one of the four main marks:

betty marker making

In the mark making class, we encourage your child to familiarize themselves with the process of “making their mark”. The repetition of these marks and more shapes strengthen their recognition of these shapes. They will grow more confident about writing even before they set foot in school.

Sensory Play
Sensory Play helps your child’s brain to build nerve connections that improve their ability to do more complex learning activities. The Let’s Get Messy class provides different themes every week where your child is introduced to a variety of different textures, materials and tools to enhance this process.

These sensory activities are child-led and they are encouraged to take initiative when exploring the senses. When exposed to activities that engages multiple senses, children also develop scientific thinking and problem solving.

These experiences also allow more opportunities for your child to communicate with how they sense the materials around them. This promotes and stimulates learning, including language growth and development.

Sensory play helps with:

  • familiarizes your child with using their multiple senses
  • encourage your child to lead in play
  • helps your child’s brain develop for complex learning activities

Our program also makes sure that every play opportunity is appropriate for every type of learner. We explore different ways of learning (auditory, visual, or kinesthetic). We focus in creating a fun learning experience by engaging your child with the kind of play they love.

yakety yak pediatric speech therapy image two
Developmental Class
developmental class for kids
Developmental Class
Developmental Class

Need to learn more about play-based development for your child?

Our development class is for parents and children that need more professional support in conducting play.

This course is currently under development, so stay tuned for more information soon!


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