Where therapy
meets play
Turn therapy into fun at home with Toucan Talk.
We offer creative, play-based therapy for children of all ages.

Now serving Lake County, Florida and surrounding areas.

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Welcome to yakety yak pediatric therapy
Welcome to yakety yak pediatric therapy
Play. Learn. Grow.

Have a restless child who loves to play?

Toucan Talk offers pediatric therapy in a creative way: through inclusive and social play.

Our well-rounded approach makes sure that your child gets the best help through fun and engaging play that’s uniquely theirs. Understanding and adapting to your child’s needs is essential to our play-based therapy process.

Don’t let therapy get in the way of playtime.
Start today to get the best of both.


Our Services

Speech Therapy

Talk, laugh and sing with your child with ease.

We assist with helping your child get over developmental delays in speech and language while they are young. Our services also cover stuttering, articulation, AAC and phonology.

Occupational Therapy

Proudly watch as your child completes chores and tasks on their own.

We help your child learn the skills they need for individual activities and behavior such as fine and gross motor skills and coordination.

Speech programs for down syndrome service

Physical Therapy

Sometimes, children and even babies need physical therapy, too.

We will check your child’s strength, development, and see they stand, walk, and complete tasks appropriate for their age to see if there is a delay. If there is a delay, we will determine the degree and potential cause of the delay. From there, we will work with you and your child to figure out a personalized plan.

training programs


Get professional training from 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field.

We train caregivers and educations with early education training from birth to 7 years of age.

toucan talk presents lets get messy

Lets Get Messy Classes

Gift your child with creative freedom.

Lets Get Messy classes allow children to stay curious and familiarize themselves with their senses and new ways to play.

Benefits of Toucan Talk

Creative Approach

We strive for a creative approach in every curriculum we plan. Each activity is specifically designed to be fun and engaging. 

Our therapy approach draws from the key components that will help your child the most in new and unique ways.

Personalized Therapy

Your child’s specific needs comes first. We take an individualized approach when it comes to your child’s learning and play.

Sessions are personalized towards your child’s best path towards improvement.


We use the most current and up to date research in our therapy sessions.

We are strengths based, relationship nurturing clinic that provide opportunities for your child to thrive and reach their full potential.

When you choose Toucan Talk you will…


explore new and easier forms of communication with your child


keep your child comfortable while learning in their natural environment


increase their excitement and engagement through play


build memories and grow a connection with your child


help your child develop crucial social and emotional skills that will last their lifetime

Meet Emily

Hi, I’m Emily!

With Toucan Talk, I help children of all ages thrive through creative and multi-disciplined approaches to development.

I’ve always had a unique teaching philosophy approach grounded through inclusion, play, social emotional learning and sensory play.

With extensive experience within the early childhood field and also special education field, I create creative curricula, strategies and interventions to support children in all areas of their development.

Welcome to yakety yak pediatric therapy
What Our Clients Say

Emily is reliable, hardworking knowledgeable and assists us in navigating the new waters of a having a premature child. We feel confident each week with the tools being provided to keepmoving Landon forward in his growth. Because of the early intervention recommendations and services provided to us, I feel strongly that Landon will function at age appropriateness by thetime he reaches three years old. We are beyond thankful for the services Emily has been able to provide us.


Thank you so much for making our lives easier by showing us new ways to help William succeed!
Although he may not be able to tell us, I knew Will looks forward to having his friend Miss Emily come to play.
Best wishes on your next adventure!


The Brumby Family
Welcome to yakety yak pediatric therapy

Happy Clients

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